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Rex Ryan Has Guaranteed A Super Bowl Win Twice Since The Last Super Bowl, 18 Days Ago

The 2010 NFL season ended a full 18 days ago, and it's already day one of the NFL Combine, and so it's kind of a wonder that Rex Ryan has made mere two public predictions that the New York Jets will win Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. He actually "guarantees" that it will happen. But really, he "just feels" that it will happen. He wants to know if he can "will" a championship by "[locking] arms" with Jets fans. What is this, a Coke ad? "The reason we're going to win is we're going to lock arms and we're going to find a way to get it done," Ryan said today. "From players, coaches, fans, we're going to lock arms and when we do we're going to find a way. I believe it." We'll give him this: it's nice to see him looking so comfortable up there again.


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