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Rex Ryan's New Calf Tattoo Is Really Awful

"Converse sneaks. Check. New tattoo. Check. Rex is ready for camp," Jets EVP Matt Higgins tweeted this morning.

I'm well aware that Ryan's interests are not for everyone, but I'm still not quite ready to believe that he agreed to putting this awful design on his lower leg. Is it at all possible that this is just a confusing, bad joke? Did Ryan lose a bet? Is there a public embarrassment clause in his contract? (Oh, nevermind.) Or did this grown man really independently opt for the same tattoo that every high school burnout gets on his 18th birthday?


Most teenage stoners, though, start off with something a little bit more basic. They know that you have to build up to the entire poster. But Rex Ryan went for it all at 48 years old. If this is his manifestation of a mid-life crisis, then all we can do is wish him the best — and maybe a Led Zeppelin boxed set.

[@mhiggins, H/T Sean]

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