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Illustration for article titled Rex Ryans Obnoxious Bills Truck Is Now An Understated Clemson Truck

We finally have a definitive answer to the question everyone was asking after Rex Ryan was fired by the Buffalo Bills: What will be the fate of Rex’s big-ass Bills truck?


The New York Daily News caught up with Ryan and asked him about the truck. He gave a typically Rex answer:

“... Let me tell you, I stripped that damn truck the day I got fired,” Ryan added with a laugh. “Fuck you guys.”

Ryan, who will move from the Buffalo area to his home in Tennessee after the Super Bowl, replaced the oversized Bills logo on his truck with Clemson colors since his son, Seth, plays for them.


That explanation tracks with a photo that was circulating around the internet a few weeks ago, which claimed to show Ryan’s truck sporting a much more subtle homage to Clemson football:

I’m glad this has all been settled, and am excited to see what Ryan does to his ride when he gets hired by the Calgary Stampeders in 2019.


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