Rex Ryan is very sorry that he held up a middle finger to a bunch of drunks who were cursing at him. It really put a damper on the ritualistic human combat taking place directly behind him.

Seriously, if a fat guy from New Jersey went to an MMA fight wouldn't you be more surprised if he didn't flip anyone off? Yet, Ryan was forced to apologize to "the Jets organization, the National Football League and NFL fans everywhere." Notably missing from his statement are the Dolphin fans he was actually pissed at. Aren't we lowering the bar for moral outrage just a bit? Hershel Walker's performance that night was equally atrocious and he continues to roam free.

Does the NFL's conduct policy now including being polite to old people?

Also, why even post the picture if you feel the need to blur out the hand? Hey, ESPN, we know what's going on back there, which is why the New York Post has no such qualms putting it on the front cover. (Although they can still "tsk-tsk" with the best of them.) A typical eight-year-old in NYC sees five middle fingers on their way to the bus stop and three more from the bus driver once they're on the road. When can we stop pretending this gesture is outrageous and/or offensive?


Ryan said his action was "stupid and inappropriate." Next time he flies to Miami to watch grown men pummel each other into bloody submission, he be sure to watch his body language.

(P.S. His body, which is fat.)

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