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Rex's Jets Have Their Hands Full In New Orleans

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The four late games are underway, including the marquee match up between the Jets and Saints. Oh, and the Bengals and Browns have finally come to a merciful conclusion.


Marvin Lewis decided to go for it on 4th and 10 with around a minute to play in overtime. Carson Palmer came through with a first down scramble setting up a Shayne Graham field goal that the refs said was good. I'm going to need to see that again.

-After the Jets defense held New Orleans to a field goal on the opening drive Mark Sanchez gave up a99 yard pick six to Darren Sharper. Sanchez was penalized during the return for an illegal shot on Jonathan Vilma. The Saints are driving again, meaning Sanchez could be staring at a 17-0 defect very shortly.


UPDATE: Well the Jets defense held tough and got the ball back, but it's 17-0 anyway because the Sanchise fumbled in the end zone.

-Indianapolis was never really challenged in their 34-17 win over Seattle. Seneca Wallace rushed and passed for touchdowns long after the game had been decided. Peyton Manning spread the ball around (five receivers with 50 or more receiving yards) on his way to 352 yards and two touchdowns.

-Baltimore's final drive came up short on fourth down when Mark Clayton dropped what would have been a first down in the red zone.

-Washington finally showed some life in the second half. The boos turned to cheers, which then turned to nervous murmurings before returning to cheers. They beat the Buccaneers 16-13.


-Tennessee is 0-4.

-Detroit hung around in the first half, but they couldn't do a thing to stop Chicago. The Bears doubled them up 48-24.


-The Chiefs are fucking awful. Brandon Jacobs tip-toed his way to 92 yards. The Giants play the Raiders next week, from there they'll have to start playing real teams.

-JaMarcus Russell's completion percentage (36.3) was lower than Joe Mauer's batting average (.366).

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