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So, we haven't heard from good ole Harold Reynolds in a while. What's he been up to? Well, according to an interview he gave with XM Radio's Charlie Steiner — speaking of people we haven't heard from in a while — he's been waiting for an upcoming meeting with ESPN at the end of the month. (Thanks to Baseball Musings for the head's up.)


Reynolds had the following points to make:

• When ESPN called him in to tell him he was fired, he had no idea why and was ultimately told nothing about the reason for his dismissal. He says the first he heard about it was through the media.
• He denied the whole Outback Steakhouse story.
• The whole "prior incidents" thing? He knows nothing of that either; says he's clueless as to what the heck they're talking about.
• He's eagerly awaiting his meeting with the network at the end of the month.


In other words, Reynolds is either completely confused as to what in the heavens this whole "sexual harassment" business is about, or he's lying. Either way, someone looks awfully strange: Him, or the network. Or, our preference, both.

Harold Reynolds Gives First Interview [XM MLB Chat] (via Baseball Musings)

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