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You know, we're starting to think the ESPN cafeteria really is like our high school cafeteria. A different clique at every table, awkward social advances and perhaps well-meaning but still odd gestures from the goofy seniors toward the attractive freshmen.

That's right, folks: It's time for a Harold Reynolds vs. ESPN update!. (Via The Smoking Gun, as always.)

Claiming that "no events" in his work history can be characterized as sexual misconduct, Reynolds, 46, refers to the "pimp daddy" incident, which apparently occurred in the network's Bristol, Connecticut cafeteria. As Reynolds tells it, the woman lodged her complaint because he offered to buy lunch for her and other employees. This was a courtesy, the court filing notes, "extended by the last person in line, especially when the last person was Mr. Reynolds." While the comment "may evidence racial stereotyping or bias on the part of the supposed complainant," wrote lawyer Joseph Garrison, "it is most certainly not 'sexual misconduct'" on Reynolds's part. "Most people, instead, would consider an offer to buy lunch as a kind or generous gesture."


OK, so, now, there's one of the "five women" stories taken care of; let's hurry and get to the other four! This is really becoming like "24;" one story defused, we have to find the other four before it's too late!

Harold Reynolds: "I'm No Pimp Daddy" [The Smoking Gun]

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