RGIII Says He’s Throwing Passes Into Neighbors’ Yards Because He Cares

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Cleveland quarterback Robert Griffin III—that still needs a little more time to sink in—wants to prove that he can take instruction from coaches. For one example which appropriately represents the Browns’ reputation as an NFL team, Griffin had a habit in Washington of holding onto the football when he could have thrown it away. To break that behavior, Griffin said he’s throwing incomplete passes more often in OTAs, and with gusto.

Griffin lobbed a bomb in May:


And he threw a couple more Tuesday:


Griffin explained the effort behind his intentional incompletions as merely following orders.

“Coach asked me to work on those things and, so, if he says ‘Throw it away,’ I’m going to throw that thing as far as I can,” Griffin said with a smile. “All the way away.”


While Griffin gives 110 percent and does all the little things right, residents of Berea will stay alert and hope that yet another RG3 pass doesn’t destroy their birdbath.