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Rhett Bomar's Next Home?

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You know what school is interested in former Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar? Division II school Texas A&M-Commerce. Rhett Bomar. Commerce. Irony.

I don't know if they're interested in having him play quarterback or teach a class on business ethics, but since it's not a Division 1 school, he could do both and not have to sacrifice a year of eligibility. I think it would probably be better for his future NFL chances to sit the year out and then find a D-I school, but you know the love he has for commerce. And thanks to Ian for the tip.

On another interesting note, check out this post on from back in January, spotted on The Wizard of Odds. Someone hinted about a scandal involving football players getting paychecks for work they didn't do at a car dealership. The poster didn't give any names, or even a school, and was hammered for it by other posters, in a typical mean-spirited internet message board kind of way. In a post later that same day, he named Bomar, and OU, and was still largely blown off. And the timestamps indicate this happened back in January.


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