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Rich Arrogance vs. Whiny Petulance ... For The ALCS!

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The players are going to be too tired to swing the bat, our brains are going to go into Rally Monkey overload and we'll be seeing Thunder Stix on our deathbed. But hey, we've still got ourselves a Game 5 tonight, and for that we should be most grateful. The Yankees put their "legacy" on the line, and the Angels give us the opportunity to make fun of their name for at least another week. Always fun. To preview tonight's game, we go to the blogs.

First, from the Yankees:

• "I'm not ready for the season to end just yet. Let's hope they pull one out tomorrow." [Replacement Level Yankees Weblog]
• "They've given us one more day to look foward to, one more game to enjoy in what has been a long, strange season. And I ask you: What more could we have asked for?" [Bronx Banter]
• "I'm too exhausted to write anymore, I'm practically incohernt right now." [Pinstripe Alley]


And from the Angels:

• "It would have been better to not have to play the Game 5, but I can name 24 other teams that will take it." [Halos Heaven]
• "I might even try to find my lucky bra. Where did I put that? It seems a travesty to have a lucky bra and not have worn it in the post-season. Yes, I have a lucky bra. Shut up! You know what is stupid? Rally caps are stupid. My lucky bra is scientifically sound damnit!" [Watching Jeff DeVanon]
• "I think we have to accept that these two teams are evenly matched (I mean look at their pythagorean records) and that a game five (a game in which the Angels have a considerable advantage, I feel) is a fair conclusion to the season." [Pearly Gates]

And, just for fun, from an A's fan: "Tonight, it's Rich Arrogance against Whiny Petulance, in a winner-take-all showdown to learn who we are rooting for the White Sox to beat."

Should be grand fun. We can't wait.

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