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Rich Eisen Thanks You For Your Concern About His Horninesss

Got an image you'd like to see in here first thing in the morning? Send it to Subject: Morning crap

Rich Eisen of the NFL Network is probably having a tougher Friday morning than most. It appears a vicious Twitter gremlin broke into his account last night. A Twitter gremlin with a massive erection. No, I don't believe that Rich Eisen drunkenly left the Twitter universe this update purposely or accidentally while poking around to see what comes up when he searched for "I am so horny." But he's solved the problem and taken control, obviously, so I'm sure nobody will give him a hard time while he's on set today. Oh darn. I just saw what I did there.


Please stay 100 yards away from the interns today, Rich — you do not want a sexual harassment suit.

(Thanks to the dozens of people who left us this tip. Dammit. Again.)


Good morning. It's a Very Special Friday. Speaking of uncontrollable horniness, Yoni Brenner will be sea-captaining this place very soon.

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