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Here is a video featuring Rich Rodriguez and his coaching staff at Arizona dressing up like cowboys in a saloon. It's called "Hard Edge." Also worth noting: they gave it a title. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights.

  • Various members of the staff are shown leaning against things.
  • Various members of the staff are shown smoking cee-gars.
  • Someone points at Rich Rodriguez.
  • Rich Rodriguez is on a quest for The Rose.
  • Someone is thrown out of the saloon, another is dragged across the bar.
  • It is 2:39 long.
  • Rich Rodriguez's wife, Rita, produced it.
  • The production company is called "#ontothenextone productions."

Based on the inclusion of RichRod and his staff, and the quest for "The Rose," it's a good bet this has something to do with the football team at Arizona.


h/t Tim

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