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What they're saying around the Interwebs about Michigan's new football coach, Rich Rodriguez, who was introduced by the Wolverines this morning ...


Pryor: Add Michigan To My List. The nation's No. 1 high school football prospect as ranked by — Jeanntte, Pa., quarterback Terrelle Pryor — apparently knew before most that West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez was headed to Michigan as the Wolverines' new coach. "Add Michigan to my list," said Pryor early Sunday afternoon. "Rich Rod is headed to Michigan. I just spoke to him earlier this morning and he told me he's gone. I don't know when it will be announced, but it could be as early as today." Several media outlets then began reporting that Rodriguez told his West Virginia team that he was leaving for Michigan. "He's excited and so was I," said Pryor. "Michigan was on my early list, and now their right up there again. He's a great coach and I like his offense." [Genuinely Sarcastic]

It's Addition By Subtraction Christmas. (Strength and conditioning coach) Gittleson: gone, and with him goes the antiquated HIT system that only Michigan and Penn State still use. I've never known how much credence to give the S&C wailers, but I think we can all agree that when it's just you and Penn State doing something you're on the wrong end of the innovation bell curve unless the something in question is the Charleston. [MGo Blog]


The Rodriguez Era Begins. So, is it a great hire? It's too early to tell. Just as it would have been impossible 48 hours after the fact to tell if the hiring of Mike DeBord would have been the first sign of the Football Apocalypse. We won't know how good this hire is until about three years down the road. If Rodriguez tries to reinvent the wheel too soon, well, talk to Husker fans about that one. [The M Zone]

Michigan — The New West Virginia. While this is a good hire for blue, don't fret just yet if you're an Ohio State fan. This offense usually takes time to implement not only in terms of design but also personnel. Seeing Ryan Mallett run the spread option would be a humorously welcome sight. To that end, West Virginia was just 3-8 in Rodriguez's first year in Morgantown. [Buckeye Commentary]

Rich Rodrig-YESSSSS! Oh Dollaz! I can't believe you pulled this one off. Maybe you didn't know what you were doing during the search. Maybe this was all dumb luck. But whatever. I hereby forgive you for stressing me out for the last month and thank you with the utmost gratitude for this awesome early Christmas gift. Welcome to Michigan, Rich Rod. [Autumn Thunder]

Wolverines Continue Looting Of Morgantown. Only 8 months after hiring Mountaineer basketball coach John Beilein, the Wolverines plucked football coach Rich Rodriguez to replace Lloyd Carr and become the schools 18th head football coach. No word yet on whether they'll also make a run at the "King of Pork", in an effort to get the stadium renovation funds cooking. [Eleven Warriors]


Mitch Albom Is A Waste Of Flesh. Mitch is such a Yellow Belly, carpetbagging, blue-and-gold Michigan-loving, I'll-take-Chris Webber-for-his-word crappy biased journalist. Hey, Mitch: I loved your article on Dantonio's hiring at MSU.... right - NOT. Maybe now you get it. Why don't you take your opinions back to New York and get out of this state. You suck. [The Enlightened Spartan]

Michigan Grabs A Mountaineers Coach For Second Time. On a side note, for those Wolverines fans looking toward the future, the domain is still available for only $250. [SportsbyBrooks]

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