Richard Sherman Answers Question About Strippers The Best Way Possible

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Super Bowl Media Day is a circus, and the mass of "journalists" allowed to ask questions inevitably results in events like this, when Richard Sherman is asked a question about how to prevent girls from becoming strippers.

Q. ...All of you football guys going into the strip clubs, and throwing... raining down on these strippers. I think that's a bad example for our young ladies. How can we stop that? I think it's a bad example that we're setting for our young girls that they need to be strippers.

A. I've never gone to a strip club and thrown money, so I couldn't tell you. I guess, uh, trying to understand that there are other avenues and other ways you can make money, that women can do anything they want in this world. You can go out there and be a CEO of a company, you can go out there and like I said, same can be said for kids in the inner city, that the ceiling is limitless and don't limit yourself to those possibilities and those circumstances.

Yup. [NFLN]