Richard Sherman: More Like Thursday Night Poopfest

Photo Credit: Matt Slocum/AP Images
Photo Credit: Matt Slocum/AP Images

Richard Sherman feels the way many NFL fans and players feel about Thursday Night Football, which is that it’s an abomination of the schedule intended to facilitate the NFL’s amoeba-like takeover of our lives and attention spans. Well, his take was much more succinct. Take it away, Mr. Sherman.

“Poopfest. It’s terrible,” Sherman said.

Hell yeah.

“We got home like 1 o’clock in the morning, something like that on Monday and then you’ve got to play again. Congratulations, NFL, you did it again. But they’ve been doing it all season, so I guess we’re the last ones to get the middle finger.”


If it’s any consolation, the Seahawks will get to host the rudderless Rams this week.