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Richie Incognito Speaks, Says He's Not A Racist Or A Bully

Richie Incognito spoke publicly about his role in the bullying of Jonathan Martin for the first time today. He was interviewed by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer, who's given Incognito MMA training and has a personal and (presumed) business relationship with him. The interview was a fucking joke.

The segment was more theater than journalism, with Glazer lobbing obviously pre-determined questions at Incognito, allowing him to reel off as many face-saving platitudes as possible. Incognito said things like: "This isn't an issue about bullying. This is an issue about my and Jon's relationship where I've taken stuff too far," and, "I can be accountable for my actions, and my actions were coming from a place of love." This is essentially what it sounds like when a domestic abuser tries to explain himself.

Oh, and that whole "half-nigger" business? Glossed right the fuck over: "I'm not a racist. And to judge me by that one word is wrong." Gotcha.

After the interview, Glazer stood in the Fox studio and told viewers that he had seen Incognito's phone and printed out over 1,142 texts between Martin and Incognito over the last year. Out of all of those text message exchanges, this is the one he chose to read aloud on the air:

You can go check the whole thing out over here if you're so inclined.

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