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Rick Pitino Has Had It With You Lying Liars

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Earlier today, police released videotapes of the interviews with Karen Sypher where she accused Rick Pitino of all that bad stuff. Well, Pitino did not like that one bit and he's got the angry press conference rant to prove it.


Pitino lashed out at the media for interrupting Ted Kennedy Day to report "lies" about him. Everything is a lie except for the stuff that Rick Pitino said, so why don't you print that in your pinko commie rags?

Don't forget that he's the victim here! Yes, the news reporters have pointed out that Pitino has been charged with nothing, while Karen Sypher will go on trial for extortion. (Hopefully! He needs this trial and her craziness is really inconvenient for him.) But that's not what's important here. The economy is. So is Ted Kennedy. And basketball. And recruiting, which is going just fine by the way. Because Rick Pitino is not a liar like the media is. He apologized to his family six years ago! He's a New Yorker! What more do you want?

He was so mad he even forgot to work in a 9/11 reference. His lawyers told him to keep quiet—probably because they know that angry, hyper-defensive rants generally don't win you sympathy points—but Rick Pitino doesn't care what lawyers think. He cares about Ted Kennedy. When you're in a scandal, you won't find a finer role model to turn to.

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