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Rick Reilly Once Again, Apropos Of Nothing, Wants To Remind You That He Has A Hot Wife

A few months back, Reilly, who was new on Twitter, tweeted Colin Cowherd a photo of his wife in a gross interoffice "scoreboard!" incident. On Friday he posted a blog entry about the Twitter contest he's starting. He managed to work his wife in.

Rules: You have to be 13 or older, although I have no idea how we're going to check that. Also, by sending in an answer, you agree to let us post it on ESPN and/or let me post it on my Twitter feed. If you win, you owe taxes on this money. Also, if you win, you have to give my wife your address to send the check by snail mail. And no, she won't be coming to your door.


You wish.

God, this guy.

#Cashtag [Go Fish with Rick Reilly]

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