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Rick Reilly Trolls Norm Macdonald And Norm Returns The Favor Tenfold

Yesterday, Norm Macdonald spent a good portion of the day live-tweeting golf. For those following Norm, it was probably good fun. His dry sense of humor probably plays really well with the golf crowd. Unfortunately, Rick Reilly was having none of it. The man responsible for—OK, so in this spot I was going to hyperlink a whole bunch of Reilly columns and tweets that are intended to be "funny" and "humorous" as a way of pointing out the absurdity of a guy like Reilly calling out a comedian, but that's a lot of work and we all already know that Reilly is the fucking pits, so when you get to the part where I write "this, this and this" just pretend it's hyperlinked—this, this and this decided to fire a shot across Norm's bow. The rest, as they say, is shrimp vindaloo. And teeth.

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