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Rick Reilly's Borscht Belt Hilarity Now Targeting Bloggers

We have a hard time getting fired up about this stuff anymore, but if you're looking for more enlightening commentary on new media from an "established" sportswriter — and a screenwriter (kind of) — let's take a listen to impending omnipresent ESPN commentator Rick Reilly.

"There's some good journalism, and some really horrible crap on [the Web] from guys holding down the couch springs in their mother's basement that have never been in a lockerroom but are pining on this and that. And this gives them cache, and then they're being quoted? What? This guy is in his underwear. They could us a Greyhound bus full of editors and it still wouldn't help them. So this is the 'new style of journalism' we gotta learn?


Seriously: We don't even have the energy to summon much outrage here. But if you were wondering the quality of comedy and original insight you'll be getting from Reilly when he joins ESPN in June, this should give you a rather solid clue.

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