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Ricky Rubio Is Grim And Gritty Now

Photo credit: Rick Bowmer/AP

Hey, have you seen Ricky Rubio lately? He looks a lot different than he does in the picture above, which was taken in March of 2017 and in which Rubio still looks a lot like the precocious teen he was when he entered the NBA in 2011. Say goodbye to that Ricky Rubio, because our man is hard now:

Photo credit: Ozane Kose/Getty

I know he’s hard because not only did he grow out his hair and beard to look like a Spanish Logan, he also got sleeved up with a big-ass lion as the centerpiece:

Rubio used to look like a bit character in a Wes Anderson movie, and now he looks like he’s about to make a surprising star turn in a grimy horror movie about how Man is the Real Monster.

Photo credit: Daniel Mihailescu/Getty

From now on, every Ricky Rubio highlight reel must be soundtracked by a forlorn child singing a morose cover of “40 Day Dream” by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.

Photo credit: Ahmet Dumanli/Getty

Dennis Schröder is letting Rubio get to the hole in this picture because he doesn’t want to get his ass beat.


Ricky Rubio can tell you about loss.


Ricky Rubio’s going to spend the season hunting down and killing the criminal organization responsible for the death of the child in this picture.


Ricky Rubio is now just Rick.

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