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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Ricky Williams Has Had Just About Enough Of Canada, Thanks

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For those of you not up on your Grey Cup, the East semifinals are this weekend, featuring the Winnipeg Blue Bombers against the Toronto Argonauts and our old friend Ricky Williams. During a practice interview — the interview was real, but it was after practice, if you'll forgive our somewhat misplaced modifier — Williams was asked typical dumb "can you step it up for the playoffs?" questions by a TV reporter, and Williams, doing a poor job of hiding the fact that he could give two shits about the freaking Canadian playoffs, went off a little bit.

When it was pointed out that it will be his first playoff appearance since he was a New Orleans Saint, Williams clearly was irked. "Who cares what happened seven years ago?" the NFL star said, his voice rising.

It's all in the name of a story, the reporter replied.

"Well that's a horrible story," countered the man whose next loss will be his last as an Argo. "What does it matter that I was hurt seven years ago? Me today has nothing to do with me breaking my ankle seven years ago."


You can see the video here. It's not a historic blowup, but it is entertaining to watch, if just because it's impossible to ascertain which person is being more of an idiot, which one is making a good point and which one is just being a jerk. Hey, in an exchange like this, we're all winners. Though that Toronto media can be pretty brutal.

Ricky Williams Video [Sportsnet]

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