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Ricky's Canadian Debut

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Ricky Williams made his Canadian Football League debut last night in a pre-season exhibition game for the Toronto Argonauts. It looks like Ricky's domination of the Canadian game is not a given. He had seven yards on four carries. And I think his numbers get even worse when you consider the exchange rate.

While Joe Theismann was probably somewhere watching the game with his son, the Argonauts took a little poke at Joe, too. Joe said that the signing of Ricky made him embarrassed to have ever worn the Argonauts logo. So last night on the Jumbotron, the Argos showed a picture of Theismann wearing his helmet with the 'A' logo on the side, then an eraser coming by and erasing the logo. The words "Happy Now, Joe?" then appeared on the screen.


As for Ricky, he did seem happy and unconcerned about his relatively unproductive evening. ''I did a decent job on pass protection. Obviously I didn't have that many yards running the ball but I felt pretty good about my performance," he said. "It felt good, it felt natural. I wasn't nervous, I felt comfortable with the offence."

I don't think there is anything good or natural about spelling "offense" with a "c".

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