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Rid Yourself Of Those "Cliffhangers"

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It's time once again to ask the musical question: "Is that an extra large steel rescue pulley in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" According to the Chicago Tribune, altitude sickness can be avoided by taking a large dose of sildenafil (better know as Viagra) with you on those strenuous mountain climbing expeditions. The drug prevents edema, say researchers, and also increases the ability to exercise at high altitudes.

Well, it kind of figures: Any sport that employs terms such as ice screw, hand jammies, micro nuts, crampons and bouldering has to be fun. Scientists, however, disagree.

Unwanted sexual arousal usually is not a problem, says Dr. Peter Hackett, a founding member of the Wilderness Medical Society. "There has to be sexual stimulation, which is usually not available on a mountain-climbing expedition. You are just struggling to survive."


Even so, if your ascent lasts more than six hours, please consult a physician.

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