Cyberbullying is not funny. And it's certainly not funny when the former captain of England and the host of one of America's most influential talk shows [Deadspin editor's note: No.] start having a go at each other on Twitter.

Now, you may be expecting some Wildean wit or some propa zings coming from big-brained Rio Ferdinand and the modest Piers Morgan. And you'd be right! Assuming they're referencing Wilde's lesser-known works, The Importance of Being Your Mum and A Picture of your #moobs.

Unfortunately, The Guardian has taken this bullying to its big, liberal heart and seems to believe that a Twitter rep got in touch with rioferdy5 to complain about his treatment of piersmorgan…

Basically, Piers said this:


Ferdinand said this:


And they continued to say exactly the same things over and over and over and over like a monkey with a miniature symbol for roughly forever. However, the BANTER was halted abruptly when Ferdinand posted this:


The Guardian got hold of it and wrote a brief story about the bullying incident. However, it looks as though it was in fact one of Rio's classic merks and that The Guardian got its knickers in a twist about nothing.

Either that or they knew perfectly well and just used it as an exuse to take the p*ss out of the supposedly-liberal-but-writes-for-the-Mail-On-Sunday-Morgan.


Anyway, Piers had this to say about the media OUTCRY over nothing:


Now, a crueller blog than The Spoiler may note that while #itwouldnthavehappenedinhisday, there was at least one occasion when Piers printed something that may not have been entirely true #picturesofbritishsoldiersabusingiraqisthatwereactuallyfakedandgothimthesack.

Now, let's put an end to it and call it a rather undignified draw, chaps…

This post, written by Richard Anderson, is republished with permission from The Spoiler. Go there often if you like soccer stuff.