RIP, Sean Taylor. Now Buy This Crappy Doll From Dan Snyder! [Update]

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Sean Taylor died 11 years ago today after being shot in his Florida home. For those looking to honor his memory on this awful anniversary: Dan Snyder is selling a crappy Sean Taylor doll.

[UPDATE, 2:06 p.m.: Sometime between when we published the blog and now, the Skins pulled the Sean Taylor plush from their online store. RIP, Sean Taylor doll.]

Other than the No. 21 jersey and the packaging, there’s nothing about the doll that indicates it’s Sean Taylor. (What the hell’s going on with that nose anyway?) Taylor, who played for the Skins from 2004 to 2007 and is revered by the fanbase as an all-time great, is the only plush doll in Snyder’s team’s online store that is ID’d as an actual former player. The other plush offerings are a Redskins Monkey for $25 and a Super Hero Dog in team colors for $30. The Taylor figurine comes in relatively cheap at $20.


The crass Taylor tribute solidifies Snyder’s reputation as a guy who’ll ignore the whiff of insensitivity in pursuit of a buck. Never forget: He’s the dude who sold 9/11 memorial caps for profit when nobody else was.

An alternative, cheaper way to remember Taylor on this day: Here are a couple highlight compilations from Taylor’s days at the University of Miami and with the Skins. They’re incredible.

Disclosure: Dan Snyder once sued the author for writing mean things about him.