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Ripping It And Gripping It With John Daly

A boardroom somewhere in corporate America: "Gentlemen, who better to sell our golf balls than John Daly? And to add color, let's show him brandishing a beer and driving haphazardly in a golf cart!" (Murmurs of agreement). Corporate president: "We'd be idiots NOT to try it!"

A television commercial featuring golfer John Daly singing in a honky-tonk bar amid reveling beer drinkers and later shown grabbing a beer from a friend while driving a golf cart has been rejected by CBS. "It did not meet the standards of the CBS network," spokeswoman LeslieAnn Wade said Tuesday. "Any implied or direct reference to excessive consumption of alcohol would not meet network guidelines."

And yet the network continues to employ Charlie Sheen. Hmm.

The commercial, which has run on the Golf Channel, is for Maxfli golf balls, which are manufactured by TaylorMade-Adidas Golf. It's a curious decision to employ Daly in the ads, when there are so many straight-laced, successful alternatives from which to choose. Oh yeah: Those guys are extremely boring. We're going with this. Who are we to judge? Perhaps next we'll see Marcus Vick eating a Big Mac in a Rawlings ad.


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(UPDATE: A "tipster" — who might or might not work for HarperCollins and occasionally write for this Web site — informs us that "this trend will continue. Daly has a new book coming out later this year entitled "Grip It and Sip It: The Only Way To Play Golf." Until then, you can belly up to the paperback of his autobiography "My Life In and Out of the Rough," which was just released last week."

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