The Smoking Gun has published the October 2006 email conversations between Roger Clemens and his trainer, Brian McNamee, on the heels of the erroneous Jason Grimsley affidavit report by the LA Times. The exchanges both show that the love between these two partners in ass-injecting infamy is boundless โ€” and that Roger Clemens is a brilliant wordsmith.

Also, ironically, McNamee bristles at Clemens' "rat" insinuation and proves his loyalty to his former superstar client by letting him know that he "will hop on a plane, find you, and slap you very hard" if Clemens even worries about his trainer turncoating. Oh, and Clemens calls the writer of the LA Times piece a "dushbag" and signs all of his e-mails "22."

The correspondence was included as an exhibit to a federal court filing made yesterday by McNamee's lawyers. Another filing shows the syringe submitted to the court will definitey have Roger Clemens' DNA on it.

Oh, why can't these two dushbags just kiss and make up?

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