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Roger Clemens And His Funny Shirts

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More Webshot findings from the ladies of On The DL, and though none are quite as damning as the married Brandon Arroyo housing poor college students on his lap, there's still some pretty fun stuff. Not least of which are creative shirt designs from Phillies outfielder Pat Burrell (whom this blind item is definitely not about, no no) and Astros portly elder Roger Clemens (who is definitely not being protected from a positive steroid test that will be released at the end of the year, no no). Roger's with Nationals closer Chad Cordero's lady friend in that picture, by the way.


Anyway, other fun pictures include shots of a woman whose breasts have been signed by Cardinals bullpenners Al Reyes and Ray King, Mets non-midget Pedro Martinez sipping what appears to be sangria and A's shortstop Bobby Crosby taking open auditions for a potential future missus. Grand fun, as always.

Not So Blind Items, Part III [On the DL]

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