We know we're supposed to talk about this Roger Clemens business, but man ... do we have to? OK, fine.

It turns out Sunday's "60 Minutes" interview was just the beginning of this whole business; Clemens is now recording phone calls, holding press conferences and suing Brian McNamee for all he's worth. We're still not quite sure we believe him, but that's not really the point; it's a bizarre public drama, unfolding for a slightly bored, but still curious, nation to groggily absorb.

The thing Clemens doesn't realize is that it's already over for him. No matter what he does, the majority of fans are going to consider him a steroid user from now on, and that includes people who vote on him for the Hall of Fame. He can yell all he want, but the die is cast. Sorry, man: This is what happens when, you know, do a lot of steroids.