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Roger Clemens Sells Car To Bret Michaels In Order To Save Himself

All of this legal kerfluffling is becoming a real financial drain for Roger Clemens, and now he has to start liquidating some of his assets to hopefully pay his way out of jail and back into the good graces of baseball fans and historians.

According to Page Six, Clemens has sold his prized Bentley convertible to Poison lead singer and reality tv whore-monger Bret Michaels in order to get some much needed cash.

"Bret is a big fan of Roger's and the car is fabulous," said an insider. "Clemens is apparently selling his lavish goods to pay his legal fees." Michaels was overheard gushing about his new ride Friday at the House of Blues in Atlantic City.


Later that night, Michaels went back to his hotel room, only to later be awoken by three gun-toting thugs who beat him unconscious, robbed him, and drug him through the streets of Atlantic City and left for dead on the boardwalk.

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