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We find it difficult to work ourselves up about this Roger Clemens Congress business. We think it's because the purpose of this has all been so lost. Remember, these Congressional "trials" were meant to get to the bottom of this steroid mess, find out how we got here, for the kids! But that's not what this is about. Roger Clemens is being brought before Congress to be called a liar and made a fool out of. That's all.

Not that we have a major problem with this; it's Roger Clemens, after all. But we're not sure the public good is served by dragging out a big name every few years and making him sweat under the harsh interrogation of Orrin Hatch. Clemens is going to say he's innocent, Brian McNamee is going to say he's guilty and hopefully someone will crush a beer can against their head. Everyone's talking about this as if it's some sort of showdown. It isn't. It's just the only time in your life that you'll watch CSPAN. And then only for a few minutes.


One thing is clear, though: We will, without question, miss Rusty Hardin. He's the yokel Johnnie Cochran, that guy.

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