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Roger Clemens Will Win Back America One E-mail At A Time

It appears Roger Clemens wants to reach out and have an e-mail chat with some of the skeptical, heartbroken Astros fans. Where will he conduct this revealing online q-and-a session? Houstonist. com, of course.

Okay, now, the editor of the site, Jason Bargas, has assured me that the email he received from "Roger Clemens" was legit (email address, which is his Houston foundation URL) and he had called someone over there to verify its legitimacy. They did. So this is what the alleged Clemens email reach-out stated:

The fans and the folks in Houston have always been great to Deb, the kids and me and we're grateful for the support.

I know a lot of baseball fans read the Houstonist and that they have asked questions about the false allegations against me. I welcome the chance to answer the questions of your readers.


And the first red flag that this is not the "real" Roger Clemens is the obvious lack of spelling mistakes in the e-mail. (Here's visual evidence of Roger's McNamee e-mail conversation in all of its un-[Sic'd] goodness, for those who forget.) But, hey, mending fences can motivate a man to use spell-check. The second one is the choice of "Houstonist" as his next line of defense. Yes, first "Mike & Mike," then the Houstonist. This is the second stop on the Roger Clemens image makeover tour. Gene Grabowski is a genius, man.

Granted, this post could be given a strike-through line update five minutes after it goes up but I'll take my chances for now. If not? We'll have more of Roger Clemens' delusional rantings to dissect. Congratulations to Houstonist for the get — for now.

Roger Clemens Wants Your Questions, Houston [Houstonist]

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