Roger Federer has cut an unusual path into the fourth round at Paris: he played just two sets of tennis to get there. He had a first-round bye, then second-round opponent Milos Raonic withdrew from the tournament, and then he defeated the sleepy pirate Fabio Fognini, 6-4, 6-3. So all of a sudden, a slightly creaky, late-season Federer will play a Masters quarterfinal after just two hours of court time. Yesterday the Swiss wasn’t feeling his backhand all that well, producing 13 errors and just 6 winners on that wing, but two points from the finish line and returning serve, he decided he was ready to smack Fognini’s serve around a little bit.

If the angle wasn’t severe enough, there appears to be some serious sidespin on that thing, drawing it off the court and directly into the ball kid’s hand.