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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell takes frequent criticism across many mediums, but according to the Wall Street Journal, former Fox News anchor Jane Skinner Goodell stood up for her husband’s bumbling through an anonymous Twitter account with the absolutely perfect handle @forargument.

The account, which used the display name “Jones smith” and had no followers or photo, has since been deleted. The Journal preserved a few screenshots of her replies. From the report:

The most frequent sparring partner for @forargument is the nation’s sports media. On Sept. 26, @ProFootballTalk, the Twitter account for the popular NBC Sports blog, tweeted that it was “on the commissioner” to solve the anthem issues.

In response, @forargument tweeted: “Please do better reporting. He is already doing this. You are behind.”


All that remains of the account now are a couple of one-sided conversations, most of which seem to be quibbles regarding facts on stories about the NFL, with reporters Gabriel Sherman and Jared Dubin:


Jane confirmed to the Journal that she indeed was behind @forargument:

“It was a REALLY silly thing to do and done out of frustration—and love.” Mrs. Goodell said Thursday afternoon in a written statement. “As a former media member, I’m always bothered when the coverage doesn’t provide a complete and accurate picture of a story. I’m also a wife and a mom. I have always passionately defended the hard-working guy I love—and I always will. I just may not use Twitter to do so in the future!”


Jane is ride-or-die.

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