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Roger Mason's Comments About LeBron Boycotting Next Year Were Bullshit

So yesterday, we wrote about National Basketball Players Association VP Roger Mason, Jr., who last night appeared on Jim Rome on Showtime and declared quite emphatically that LeBron James was taking The Hard Stance. If Clippers owner Donald Sterling still had the team next year, the face of the league wasn't going to play. Today, we are reporting that that was bullshit.


In case your memory needs jogging, the veep's exact words in the clip were: "I was just in the locker room three or four days ago. LeBron and I talked about this. He ain't playing if Sterling is still the owner."

I mean, hot damn. There is literally no wiggle room in that statement. It was hard to imagine LeBron boycotting the league next year, but there was no telling how this statement would reverberate around the NBA. Maybe other players would threaten to walk. Maybe fans would stop showing up to watch a team bankrolled by a vile, proud racist. Maybe this was The Revolution. Roger Mason, Jr.'s words were a call to arms!

And like clockwork, a few hours later, we got the backpedal. (We're guessing that the next time Roger Mason, Jr. wants to claim that the biggest star in the league is ready to take unprecedented action, he'll check with the biggest star in the league first.)


No Revolution, then.

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