Romo and the Simpsons Go South of the Border

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The hand you see in the picture belongs to Jessica Simpson and the ass is that of the uber Cowboy, Tony Romo. Apparently Romo, Simpson, her parents, and a few of his teammates are taking advantage of the bye week by crossing the border for some fun in the sun. The scoop comes after the jump from Flynet Online via Cousins of Ron Mexico at The Big Lead.

Check out Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo vacationing in Mexico yesterday along with some of Romo's fellow football players and Jessica's parents, Joe and Tina. When the two lovers arrived, Jessica couldn't keep her hands off of the quarterback's ass. Better keep the PDA on the low near the parents Jessica! Don't forget about your wholesome upbringing!

Please. I bet Joe Simpson gets better ass grabs from his daughter than that.

Dallas be fucked.