Former Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback and current Monday Night Football analyst, Ron Jaworski, is well aware that he's not winning any "Most Masculine Bifocals" awards anytime soon. In fact, he promises that the specs he'll don this year won't have so many people confusing him with Sally Jesse Raphael anymore. He hopes. Jaws spoke about his bespectacled boobery with Dan Levy of On The DL(podcast) and vowed to make a change:

You know, it's amazing, after 17 years in broadcasting I get more blogs and emails about my glasses then about anything I’ve ever done on television. I look at it this way – at least people are watching. I change them up every year, so I’ll have a new look this year.

With Jaws' pineapple-shaped head, he might want to go with a bigger frame in order to offset it a bit. Maybe something along the lines of what Judah Friedlander wears.

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