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You would think that robbing a home run at the wall comes down to getting a good jump, timing your leap, and having the insane hand-eye coordination to rip the ball out of the sky with your off hand, while crashing into a padded wall. Turns out that’s only most of it. As Ronald Acuña Jr. learned in a painful lesson Tuesday night, there’s still the matter of squeezing the glove all the way through the landing.

Acuña made a tremendous play on a shot to dead center off the bat of Phillies outfielder Scott Kingery. Just getting to the ball at all required perfect timing and impressive hops, but everything went to shit a split second after Acuña ripped the ball back from the land of dingers:


Acuña was left to watch in bewilderment and horror as Kingery tore ass around the bases, beat the relay throw, and reclaimed the go-ahead dinger that Acuña had only moments earlier stolen fair and square. Womp womp.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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