UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey went on SportsCenter today for a predictably ridiculous interview in which her Saturday bout against Miesha Tate was treated less like a title fight than as an opportunity to see two saucy broads who really don't like one another going at it. The best part came when a smirking head asked the Olympic medalist to act as a press critic by discoursing on how her rivalry with Tate is being portrayed.

"I know what it's like for real," said Rousey, "and it's shitty enough from my point of view."

This led for some reason to the smirking head talking about "the cuddle tree" and "hugging it out" with Rousey, a psycho jock who breaks people's arms for money and is probably about as interested in hugging this guy as Ndamukong Suh would be. Good work here, though he missed an opportunity to tell her that she'd be so pretty if she'd smile more.