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Rory Continues To Sneak Up NHL All-Star Ballots

So you know how the big NHL Web movement right now is to vote Canucks defenseman Rory Fitpatrick into the All-Star Game as a write-in candidate? Well, the movement is gaining considerable traction; the newest vote totals from show Rory in a rather solid fifth place, with 144,819 votes. Pretty outstanding for a write-in candidate.


But he still has a long way to go; Detroit's Nicklas Lidstrom is in second place with 317,373, so there's a lot of ground to make up. You have until January 2 to vote, and we continue to endorse the cause; go to the voting booth and write in Rory's name. Every little vote counts, and if he can somehow sneak in, our little corner of the sports world will feel, if not vindicated, at least a couple of inches farther away from the basement. It's fun and educational!

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