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As we continue to come to terms with a planet that has Bill Self as a national championship coach — we fully expect to see the Official NCAA Title Toupee on sale soon — we turn our attention to the Jayhawks' newest fan: North Carolina coach Roy Williams.


Like many of you, we were taken aback by the shots of Williams with his Jayhawks shirt; it's difficult to imagine John Thompson III wearing a Buckeyes logo, regardless of Williams' past dalliances. We asked the quite vocal Pete Jayhawk — who sent us an email at 3:15 this morning mocking our Illini, the jerk — what he thought of seeing Williams in the stands.

I was kind of surprised to see it. My first reaction was to call him a phony or something, then I realized that maybe he isn't so full of shit after all and to cut the guy some slack. I think the UNC game Saturday was very cathartic in allowing me and a lot of other KU fans to finally just get over it and move on.

Then I thought of the reaction that the most idiotic of the Carolina message board fanbase would probably have to seeing Ol' Roy laughing and cheering on the Jayhawks...and I smiled.


We also asked Dan Kois, of New York Magazine's Vulture blog — and crazed Carolina guy — what he thought:

I didn't have a major problem with it. It's easy to be cool with shit like that when you're the one he left his family for. Given the ferocity with which Kansas played in totally destroying us, I would be in favor of anything Roy could do to ensure that next time we play them they don't hate us so much. God, it was like us facing Duke out there.

That sounds about right. We couldn't help but notice, by the way, that Bill Self wasn't exactly wearing a Chief Illiniwek headdress in the Tar Heels-Illini national title game three years ago ...

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