Royals Assault Defenseless Orioles Pitcher With Barrage Of First-Inning Dongs

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Orioles pitcher Dylan Bundy had a very short Tuesday night start against the Royals, but his outing was anything but merciful. Bundy marked himself with the dreaded infinity ERA by failing to record an out in the first inning as Kansas City smashed dong after dong, scoring seven runs on Bundy off homers from Jorge Soler, Mike Moustakas, Salvador Pérez, and Alex Gordon. All but the Gordon big fly sailed over 400 feet.

According to Andrew Simon at, Bundy is the first pitcher in MLB history to give up four dingers without recording a single out. Because I abhor gratuitous violence, here is only half the damage the Royals did to Bundy. But if you’re feeling strong, you can put yourself through all of them.


KC went on to score 10 total runs in the inning, though mop-up guy Mike Wright Jr. was at least able to keep all the balls in the park. Bundy left the mound with a game score of minus-19, which makes his start the second-worst in MLB since 1940. A’s pitcher Mike Oquist gave up 14 earned runs in five innings back in 1998, for those curious. So, well, at least Orioles manager Buck Showalter was nice enough to take Bundy out early.