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Royals Fans Turn Children's Playground Into Thunderdome

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Two couples started an all-out brawl at a Kansas City Royals game on Sunday after a woman walked in front another woman as she was taking a picture, a breech of etiquette that clearly deserves a head stomping. If a few kids got hurt along the way, that's just business.


According to police, everyone was enjoying a lovely day in Kauffman Stadium's outfield fun zone until Ronika Brooks walked in front of Erin Mela as Mela was taking a picture of her kid. Mela allegedly swore at her (Brooks says Mela directed a racial slur at her) then Mela's husband got involved, then three men may have jumped him, then he may have spit in Brooks' face ... then some kids got knocked over, so their parents joined in, and then at one point Erin Mela was definitely on the ground getting kicked in the head. Let's play two!

It also seems that security was a bit lax on the response.

"It was horrible," said Mike Worley of Olathe, who said T-shirt-wearing stadium staff failed to stem the violence and told him to "mind my own business" when he tried to point out participants.

Royals officials said that their security office was notified of a disturbance in the new outfield experience area at 3:45 p.m. Two minutes later the call was updated to a fight in progress. The first police officers arrived at 3:49 p.m....

"It was beyond a brawl. It started out as four people, and then as kids were getting toppled, those parents came in, the women were fighting," Phipps said. "The saddest scene was a girl wrapped around mom's waist and saying, 'Please don't,' and she's throwing punches."


But you haven't even heard the worst part yet. No, the most horrific thing about this ugly terrible brawl is that adults were swearing in front of children. I just ... what is this planet coming to?

Officers arrived in time to see Brooks kicking Mela's wife and shouting expletives. Police asked Brooks to keep quiet because of all the children around, but she "would not calm down," according to a police report. Police removed her from the area while other officers "calmed the situation."

A boot to the head is one thing, but please watch your mouth in front of the young Royals fans. If their parents wanted them to learn that stuff, they would just sit in the bleachers.

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