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Rugby Streaker Tackles Player, Incites Brawl, Escapes

Streakers, even the naked ones, are usually more or less harmless. But this dude, who recently invaded a match between Newcastle University and Northumbria, is a true villain. He's the Joker of streakers.

This madman first creeps onto the field, unnoticed, while the players are occupied. He waits for the action to come his way, at which point he attempts to make a tackle near the sideline. Incensed, one of the players pins the naked guy to the ground and starts givin' him the business. And then, for some reason, a player from the other team comes to the streaker's aid, sparking a huge brawl between the two teams.


At least the streaker got caught in the middle of the brawl and got his ass kicked, right? Wrong! He slithered right out of there and escaped, seemingly unharmed, to the other end of the field. What a bastard.

h/t Gordon

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