Runner Takes Lead In Race, Is Trampled By Cows

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As any high school coach will tell you, when you take the lead, never look back. And the reason is obvious: COWS AHEAD!


Simon Coldrick is an experienced fell runner (think cross country; "fell" is a British term for hill), and was probably not surprised when he took the lead of a local 200-person race this weekend. He probably was surprised to lose the lead, however — especially because it occurred after he was charged by a bull, who threw the runner into the path of a herd of cattle, where he was summarily trampled. According to the Daily Telegraph, Coldrick was able to make his way into some bushes, where he lay until found by paramedics. Coldrick was ultimately taken to a hospital and treated for broken ribs.

The runner is expected to make a full recovery, and to eat more chicken.

Photo Credit: Getty Images