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Russia Has Officially Banned Protests At The Sochi Olympics

Russia's official government newspaper today published a new presidential decree signed by Vladimir Putin that bans all protests or demonstrations in Sochi from one month before the start of the Olympics until one month after. Sorry, gays and sympathizers!

Officially, the measure is supposed to be about increased security at the games. It essentially puts the entire city on lockdown, forbidding any vehicles from entering Sochi unless specifically accredited. Unofficially, it's a clear move to head off, and provide justification for a crackdown on, any protests against Russia's controversial anti-gay laws. No "gatherings, rallies, demonstrations, marches, and pickets" will be allowed.


So remember! You can be jailed for "homosexual propaganda." And you can be jailed for bringing attention to the fact that "homosexual propaganda" is a jailable offense. Ah, the Olympic spirit.

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