Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abarmovich recently hosted a lunch at Nello's in New York City. Everything was going great until the bill arrived: a $47,221.09 bill, that is. Then all hell broke loose.

Nah, just kidding. The 43-year-old oil tycoon simply turned his nose up, reached into his probably gold-plated wallet, and paid the bill. He even kicked in some extra cash for the tip. Via TMZ:

The check had an automatic gratuity of 20% โ€” $7,328 โ€” but we're told the party threw down an extra $5,000, bringing the tip to 26%.

We're told there were 10 people at the table, who feasted on white truffles, filet mignon and a whole lotta uber-pricey wine.

Sweet fancy Moses! A lunch for 10 people totaling $52,000? I'm not a mathematician, but that comes out to...




$5,200 each!

According to Sports Rubbish, "[t]he group bought several bottles of wine that were $5,000 each. Other items purchased included $36 rigatoni & $15 tiramisu. Oddly, since these are dishes regular folks like us would typically purchase, they are the things that stand out as overpriced."


So I guess you could say, as far as Abramovich is concerned, in capitalist America, Russians eat you!

Wait. That doesn't make any sense. Unless he's a cannibal...nah, that can't be. Or can it?

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