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Russian High Jumper Loses Uniform Mid-Competition, Is Forced To Jump In A T-Shirt, Wins Gold Medal

Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov won gold with a leap of 2.38 meters today at Olympic Stadium, but not before a self-imposed wardrobe malfunction forced him to compete temporarily in a T-shirt.


Uhkov's previously known for a 2008 stunt when he showed up at a competition drunk and attempted to compete, failing miserably in what's since become a YouTube hit.

His erratic reputation came to Olympic light when Ukhov faced his 2.33m attempt and realized his competition jersey—cast off immediately after his previous attempt, as it seems the Russian doesn't much care for upper-body wear—was nowhere to be found. An official can be seen pointing out the T-shirt sitting on a bench, and so that's what Ukhov wore; he cleared the bar easily, and went back in search of his jersey. He'd eventually find it by the end of the competition, which he closed out by attempting a jump of 2.40m despite having already won gold. Ukhov!

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