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Russian MMA Fighter Knocked Out In The Cage, Slapped Silly By His Mom

The Kichigin family is full of MMA devotees. Brothers Georgy, Grigoriy, and Viktor are all professional fighters, and their mother Anna Azovskaya is responsible for their training. The three fighters have nicknames like “Crusader,” “Knight,” and “The Lion of Pyatigorsk,” and their father apparently died in one of the wars in the Caucasus Mountains. The youngest brother, Viktor, is in the lightweight division and is cornered by his mom.

Viktor fought today at FNG 67, an MMA card that took place in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and things did not go well for him. Ruslan Yamanbaev earned the second-round TKO victory after mounting Kichigin and pummeling him with elbows and punches, leaving his face a bloody mess.


Immediately after the loss, Mama Kichigin stormed into the ring to berate and slap poor little Viktor.


She got really into it.


Azovskaya clearly has little regard for concussion protocols and even less for Viktor’s ego. LaVar Ball has nothing on her.

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